Youth Services Info


What Your Youth Services Department Has to Offer

Collection: The Youth Services Department carries fiction, non fiction, books in Spanish and reference materials for children’s recreational and research needs. The fiction books are divided into five basic levels, each represented with a spine label or colored dot.

The five levels of fiction are:
• Board Books: Have brightly colored orange dots on the spine, and are great for babies and toddlers.
• Easy/Picture Books: These books are marked with and “E” on the spine.
• Easy Readers/Beginning Readers: These books are shelved separately for beginning readers and have a pink or green dot on the spine.
• Easy Junior Fiction: For grades 2 and 3, these books are shelved with the J fiction and are marked with “JF” and a blue dot on the spine.
• Junior Fiction: At the 3-6th grade level, these books are marked simply with a “JF” on the spine.

Services: The Youth Services Staff is dedicated to providing quality information and services to children, teachers and parents.

Some of our services include:
• Readers’ Advisory
• Online Databases
• Ready Reference
• Internet Access
• Word Processing
• Tours (please phone first)
• School Outreach

Materials: We have many materials to meet the education and recreational needs of the children of the community.

• Parenting and Early Childhood Education Materials
• Read-With-Me-Kits
• Bibliographies and Path Finders
• District 33 Textbooks
• Children’s Magazines
• DVDs and CDs
• Audio Books (CDs and Cassettes)
• Puzzles
• Reference Materials, including encyclopedias

Programming: The West Chicago Public Library offers many programs, for our youngest patrons through sixth grade students

• Storytimes (Birth-Age 5)
• Storytimes in Spanish (Birth-Age 5)
• Arts & Crafts Programs
• Book Discussion Groups (3rd-6th Graders)
• Puppet Shows
• Early Literacy Workshops
• Special Programs
• An Annual Summer Reading Program and Winter Reading Club