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“DIY Network is your television source for the best know-how and how-to when it comes to any type of do-it-yourself project.” 
  Garden Guides
“For more than eight years, Garden Guides has been a leader in online gardening information…” 
  Glenn Haege, America’s Master Handyman  
“America's leader in home and lifestyle programming…” 
a television show designed “…to help homeowners achieve professional-looking results from their home improvement projects.” 
  Hort Corner
Horticulture and Gardening Resources from University of Illinois Extension 
  How to Clean Anything 
  Jerry Baker, America’s Master Gardener 


  Betty Crocker
Cooking recipes from Betty Crocker
  Copy Kat Recipes
You have tried it in the restaurant, make it at home and we will show you how. 
“for people who love to eat.” 
  Food Network
Cooking, Recipe collections, party ideas, quick and easy recipes, cooking videos