Federal Government and Advocacy

Federal tax website 
  US Citizenship and Immigration Services 
  US Department of Homeland Security 
  The White House 
  Congressional Email Directory 
  Federal Government Gateway 
  American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)  
  National Do Not Call Registry
Avoid telemarketers and other unwanted phone calls 
  State and Local Government 
  DuPage Election Commission 

Illinois Information

  Illinois Department of Revenue
Illinois tax website 
  Illinois Gateway 
  Illinois Rules of the Road 
  Illinois State Historical Society 
  Illinois Capitols
Did you know that Kaskaskia was the first capital of the state of Illinois? Learn interesting facts about the state of Illinois! 
  Illinois Flags and Seals
  Illinois State Symbols 
  Illinois Department of Natural Resources 

Local and Visitor Information

  City of West Chicago 
  DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau 
  DuPage County Historical Society 
  DuPage County Official Website 
  High School – Community High School (West Chicago) 
  West Chicago Chamber of Commerce 
  West Chicago Elementary School District #33 
  West Chicago Park District